About Us

It can be a challenge to find a way to communicate with people who have the same interests and experiences as you. Even with the internet giving us easy communication around the world, there are few forums out there for construction workers. Most of the sites and forums we visited were dedicated to the company owners and investors. While those forums have their use, they are not helpful for workers. The average construction worker does not care about five or ten-year projections.

We set out to solve the issue by creating our own site. We are so proud of what we have created in the past few years. From a site that was only getting ten or twenty hits a day, we are now getting thousands of unique visitors every single day. Construction workers in the Boston area know there is a place they can go to talk about their job and industry.

If you work for a construction or asphalt paving company in Boston, we are the site for you. Our forums are geared around the user. We allow you to post any topic that you want, provided it gets past our moderation team. You can post as many times as you want in various threads. And the forum is completely free to use. We do accept donations, but they are entirely up to the discretion of our users.

Working at a driveway paving company in Boston is a tough job, but it is also a very rewarding one. Whether you are someone entering this industry looking for advice – or you simply want to have a bit of banter with other construction workers – we hope that you will enjoy using our forums.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, or features you want to see added, send us an email through the website. We try to respond to every comment.